A dental career is not easy and it requires a lot of study and dedication. One can find some of the best schools of dentistry In the United States, and attending one of them will make all the difference in your career.

There are more than 50 undergraduate courses in dentistry in the United States, below is a quick review of the top 19 universities:

1) Harvard University

Harvard Dental School was the first university in dentistry in the country, and it is considered a leader in terms of integration and discoveries in the dentistry field. Harvard Faculty of Dental School continues to further innovation and discoveries and offers a good curriculum to students.

2) University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was established as an education model in 1901 and it became the standard for all other universities. The Faculty of Dentistry is considered one of the best because of its strong curriculum and because of its dental museum, one of the best in the world.

3) New York University

New York’s dental school is the largest in the United States and 10% of dentists in the country graduate from it. Intensive clinical practice is a hallmark of the faculty and they are known for receiving a diversity of patients.

4) University of North Carolina

The university is a reference in research and is always ranking one of the best in the country, especially for providing a high quality service in oral health for the community.

5) University of Washington

The university’s curriculum is geared towards the “Dentist of the Future” program, which addresses some important aspects such as the fundamentals of oral health, dental and maxillofacial surgery and promotion of oral health and prevention.

6) University of Pennsylvania

Built in 1878, the University of Pennsylvania has a long history in the field of dentistry and clinical practice within the reach of the community serving nearly 22,000 patients a year.

7) University of California Los Angeles

The dental school is proud of the high number of graduates who go there to do postgraduate studies in oral biology. Clinical practice includes rotation in various specialties in community clinics.

8) University of Pittsburgh

As most dental schools acknowledge that practical training is not only for the classroom, this college encourages community service and practical experience for students.

9) University of Alabama

At the University of Alabama, the Birmingham campus is home to one of the best dental colleges in the country. Students take advantage of the connection to UAB Health System for research and clinical practice with 8 areas of specialization.

10) University of California San Francisco

The San Francisco dental school is also one of the best in the country and is very proud to provide students with the opportunity for advanced research and clinical practice. It has also won awards in dental research according to the National Institutes of Health.
Following, we list 9 more universities that guarantee quality in the dentistry degree and are considered the best in the country.

11) University of Florida College of Dentistry

12) University of Maryland at Baltimore

13) The University of Texas

14) University of Florida

15) University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine

16) University of Manchester Dentistry

17) The Utah College of Dental Hygiene

18) University of Pacific

19) The Ohio State University